e-Sport & AI Suite

5.1 e-Sports  & AI Suite
eSports offers regular salaries to team participants and top echelon players can earn up to $15,000 in a single competition. The major difference between eSports and competitive gaming is that in eSports players play in a team, unlike gaming. Many of the events are huge and the e-sport industry is now worth $300 billion worldwide. However, there is no facility in this region to act as pathway into this field.
e-sport requires a high speed LAN to allow small teams to compete against each other. E-sports competitors take the sport seriously and this does not resemble an arcade.
The spin-off for the region is that it would attract people and they would learn about AI, VR and e-sports. It would also foster the creation of a ocal industry.
This room will also be used to show VR material produced in the VR lab as well training videos where you need a high-end PC, rather than a laptop.

This suite will also be the AI lab. High quality graphics cards will provide suitable substrates for AI neural networks. 
20 x High end PCs with large screens
20 x Headsets
5.2 Server room

This room will house the servers and switches to run the network.


1 x Router

1 x Server rack

1 x Game Servers

1 x AI Server

1 x PC